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    For my Erasmus semester I am in Jyvaskyla for five months. Jyvaskyla is a city in the middle of Finland with 133 344 citizens. It is the largest city in the region of central Finland. This city is not a famous city for the tourism but there are a lot of students. Indeed there are two important universities.


    The name of my university is JAMK UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES. It’s one of the two universities in Jyvaskyla.


    Jamk University is a public university created in 1994, there are approximately 8000 students. 


    There are a main campus were I have all of my different lessons. It seems that there is another campus but for the time being I never had the opportunity to discover this campus.


    My first week in Jyvaskyla was an integration week, I met my tutor, and with different speaker I learned everything about the administration, and how to be a student in Jamk University. I spend my fist week in the different administration service in order to sign all of my paper for my French university, for Jamk University, to be in order with the Police… But it’s not easy because a lot of service close at 3 PM!


    The current system in Finland is not the same than in France. You have to choose the different lesson you will follow. Before coming in Finland I have chosen different lesson in order to have 30 credits to validate my semester, however once there I discovered that it’s not possible to follow the different lesson. In fact some of my lessons are on the same time in my schedule, and some of my lessons are full.  So I changed, I picked other lesson. After several change, I discovered today that my learning agreement is still not find! One of my lessons is actually not available.


    Nevertheless the lessons are really interesting! I am lucky because I have a lot of lessons with finish student. There are a lot of French student this semester but hopefully in most of my lesson I am the only French student! So I’m with different student with different nationality. It is usual during the lesson to work in small group of student, so it’s really interesting to discover the different culture with the different student.


    For the integration during the first week we didn’t have any activity during the day in order to meet the other student, but some integration party were organised but a student association. Furthermore it is not very difficult to find new friend, in fact all the people are here to meet new student and all of the student lived in the same place, so if you want to meet new people you just have to talk with your roommate or new neighbours.


    All lot of activity are proposed by the university, for the moment I just tried the yoga lesson. It’s was an interesting experience because it’s was my first yoga lesson.  It’s was a very relaxation yoga lesson ,  but the teacher spoke in Finnish, so it was a little boring and after 30 minutes I fell asleep ! Actually, I think I need to try another kind of sport lesson maybe the Zumba!


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